Authentic Patterns Rug Backpack

Authentic Patterns Rug Backpack

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Back to School!

Our unique handmade ethnic backpacks are made of rugs and they are one piece of a kind, they come with a durable shoulder strap, large single eye, easy to carry for clothing, travel, and sports gear, etc. You can use this travel bag for years due to its rug quality and ease of use.

Please note that these travel bags are made of rug patterns, the design may vary and will not be made the same as in the picture as it is a handmade item.

All of our products are original and handmade, can be thrown into the machine, no colour fading, It does not contain harmful chemicals, so it does not affect your health negatively. This is a product that can last for many years and passed for another generation.

All our products are Fairtrade!

There might be very small defects on our handcrafted products, which adds up to each product's uniqueness!

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